Musikvideo til Rambuk : Den sidste ufo

Planlagt skudt og redigeret fredag den 16. september 2016 i forbindelse med release af “Koks i kolonihaven”

© 29design | do it anyway 2016

Music and video

Music and video addressing the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis in Europe.
The use of John Lennons “Imagine” and Massive Attacks “Teardrops”, used in this remix / mash up,
has been approved in context by UMG (Universal Music Group).
Cut from drone footage and footage from all over the world.

©29design 2016

Music video

Music video for KD Karma (and Target Records).
“Misery” by Kell Dalager, KD Karma.
The video was shot at Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany and in Odense, Denmark.

©29design 2015

Presentation video and music

Presentation for Gram Commercial with original music score.
As part of the complete design package for Gram Bioline this presentation
was running on information screens on universities all over Great Britain.

©PindPromotor 2011, ©29design 2016

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